Unit 2: Pre-History to Early Civilizations

Join us for a race around the anicent globe!!!!

Unit Overview:

Now that we having an understanding of what "culture" means and how we can evaluate them using cultural universals, we can begin our study of ancient cultures ( Yea!) A good place to start would be Ancient Greece. But by doing so, we leave out some really interesting cultures that predate Greece. So before rushing ahead, we will make a brief stop to take (cue dramatic music... .) AN AMAZING RACE THROUGH THE VERY ANCIENT WORLD!!!!__

Life Long Understandings:

Our learning outcomes for this unit will be ....

  • The development of a reliable and sustainable food sources allowed early humans groups to develop into complex civilizations.
  • While these early civilizations had key common characteristics, some developed innovations which gave them an advantage over other civilizations of their time.
  • Some of these innovations are part of our modern society.

Lecture PowerPoint:

Team Assignment:

Team PowerPoints:

Orisis: Egyptian God

Phoenician Trading Ship

Indus Planned City

Persian Royal Road