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Course Overview:

This course covers the progression of the United States from the turn of the 20th Century to today. We will study the significant individuals, events and issues within each of the eras listed below. Special emphasis will be placed on how these eras have shaped our contemporary American experience both domestically and internationally (legacies). Moreover, we will study the material with an eye for what we can learn from these experiences as we face similar goals and problems today (lessons).

Course Goals:

By the end of this course every student will ….
1) understand the essential philosophical, social, economic, and political constructs that have shaped contemporary US history and be able to compare and contrast these throughout these eras.
2) understand, evaluate and synthesize the legacies these eras have on the United States and the contemporary world.
3) critique, evaluate and synthesize the lessons which contemporary America can learned from these eras in addressing contemporary issues.

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