Introduction to Law


Course Description:

This course serves as a pragmatic introduction into the field of law. Students will survey the foundational fields of law to understand and distinguish their essential substantive and procedural principles. Throughout the course, the instructor will emphasize application over memorization of the law as a means of giving the students a sense of the “law school experience.” Further mindful of the values of Merion Mercy, students will explore the philosophical and social underpinnings of the American legal system throughout the semester. Units for this course will include

Course Goals:

By the end of this course every student will ….
1) possess a basic understanding of the fundamental substantive and procedural principles of criminal, tort, and contract law.
2) understand how the principles of federalism applies to the American judicial system.
3) evaluate and critique the goals and values implicit within the American legal system from the context of MMA’s mission of living mercy and seeking justice.
4) understand and contemplate the variety professional roles within the American legal system within the context of her individual skills and interests.

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